Healthy Habits for a New Generation

Some reports are starting to show obesity rates are finally coming down for young children, and have at least stopped rising in adults and school-age children. While this is partly due to an overall shift in consumer preferences, we can’t ignore the impact public health education campaigns have had on the issue.

What do I mean by public health education campaigns? I mean initiatives from those at the local and regional level, to federally-funded national initiatives, that are teaching children, families and communities the importance of consuming healthy foods and getting daily physical activity. These initiatives are teaching people to be smart consumers and decision-makers by learning to read food labels, balance food choices, and be overall responsible citizens as part of the larger food system. It even includes the advocates that are shedding light on healthy habits around the country to help reverse common misperceptions of getting healthy food in front of kids.

The fact that we’re starting to see the biggest progress in children is especially encouraging, since it means the next generation will grow up with these healthy habits already embedded in their daily lives.

CarrotNewYork believes strongly in the importance of healthy eating and physical activity, and helps our government, nonprofit, and corporate clients spread these messages through engaging educational materials. That is why we are particularly excited to see these positive results. While there is no doubt room for improvement, we are grateful to take part in shaping a healthier generation.