Using Marketing to Get Kids to Eat Fruits & Veggies

A new campaign that targets children launched last month, featuring celebrity endorsements, a slick design, and powerful messages. The product? Fruits and vegetables.

Borrowing tactics more commonly associated with globally-recognized consumer brands, the Partnership for a Healthier America unveiled a new brand campaign last month, and a new strategy: let’s do for fruits and veggies what big companies do for products that aren’t so healthy.

Launched during the “Building a Healthier Future Summit,” this campaign for fruits and vegetables, concisely marketed under the FNV brand, aims to “increase consumption and sales of fruits and vegetables among teens and moms” by using celebrities, enhanced ad messages, and a targeted media strategy.

The campaign is trying to spark an emotional connection to the power of fruits and veggies (FNV). With parents struggling to get their children to eat healthy while simultaneously trying to dodge junk food marketing in stores, on TV and the Internet, and even in schools, this new type of advertising could result in seriously positive implications.

We already know Americans in general, let alone kids, aren’t eating enough of these two food groups. And while the campaign in its current form isn’t targeted directly to kids, an in-school and community extension of the FNV campaign could help drive lasting effects by promoting healthy behaviors through education and engagement. Here are just a few results we’d love to see:  

  • Integrating standards-based lessons that help kids realize that fruits & veggies are cool, delicious and nutritious
  • Getting kids excited about eating the fruits & veggies in their school lunches, which has the added benefit of reducing food waste
  • Turning students into advocates by encouraging kids to spread the FNV message to their classmates, parents, friends, relatives and communities
  • Encouraging kids to share all kinds of content -- pictures of healthy meals, cooking shots, supermarket produce aisle photos, recipe ideas -- that will further help FNV reach a wider audience

We know that we can make a lifelong impact and encourage healthy behavior change by combining education with marketing. We're excited to continue with the challenge!