Why Voting Matters to Us


Earlier this year, in collaboration with the historic League of Women Voters, we set out to help women get to the polls. Our proprietary chatbot sent texts to thousands of members of the LWV to remind them when and where to vote, and why it’s so important.

While watching a record number of women take House seats during the midterms, we were inspired to think about why voting is so important to us. We asked our team and leadership at the LWV for their thoughts. Here’s what they had to say.

Janice M. Hamilton, President and CEO, CarrotNewYork:

Voting is part of my DNA and part of my heritage. My great-grandmother was the second woman in the country to cast a vote. Wyoming was first in giving women the right to vote.  When they were told that they’d have to repeal the suffrage act in order to become a state, Wyoming said they’d wait 100 years if necessary but would not repeal women’s right to vote. I can see my grandmother leading the charge. We owe much to these brave women who went before us and honor them by voting.

Maggie Bush, Programs and Outreach Director, LWVUS:

In a year when so many women broke barriers, the League is proud to have reached more voters than ever before. As our organization approaches our 100th anniversary in 2020, we are encouraged to see women playing a critical role at the ballot box and in elected office.

CNY, a woman-owned business, is proud to stand with the League of Women Voters! We look forward to future collaborations and to empowering even more women to exercise their right to vote.

Susan Masullo