How brands with social purpose drove education trends in 2017

Doing good is no longer a choice or an option.  One third of Americans believe a company’s actions and reputation are just as important as its products. They are corpsumers. And their influence on brands continues to grow. As companies look to have a social purpose and contribute to society, many are making a difference in education.  A look back at our predictions for 2017 revealed how companies got behind innovative programs to change education for good.  Are you a corp looking to do good but need the right partner? CLICK HERE

Beyond Mentorship.  Many companies went beyond mentorship to help close the skills gap. For example, over 300 companies (90 are Future 500) shared their business challenges on an online platform called Mindsumo. The purpose is to provide students with valuable, real-world experience. On another level, the tech giants- Salesforce and Oracle- both announced they would open schools at their own headquarters in order to help bridge the skills gap and prepare the next generation of tech innovators.

Learning Outside the Classroom.  Companies took the opportunity to make an impact in additional places. They partnered with libraries, museums, and parks to leverage these community spaces into new types of instructional environments.  These partnerships expanded learning in and out of school with easy-to-use technology like video conferencing and experiential programs for kids and families.

And there are more ways to make an impact.  Every education challenge- whether it’s teaching healthy habits or promoting sustainable living- represents an opportunity for companies to give back in meaningful ways.

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