2017 Education Trends to Watch for Social Impact

If you really want to get the most out of your educational programming, here’s three education trends that can fit in with your causes and are proven to be effective. All three make the best of private-public partnerships for real social impact.

Financial Literacy that Shapes the Workforce

With college costs skyrocketing and more students taking on student loans to pay for college, educators and financial institutions are seeing the need for education to help students make good decisions about investing in their degree and the financial impact of specific career paths.

Going Beyond Mentorship

Public and private partnership programs that connect students with future careers either through the curriculum, internships, and site visits are growing.  Companies see these partnerships as great social investments because they inspire future generations to pursue careers in highly needed fields.

Learning Steps Out of the Classroom

Companies and organizations are looking beyond the classroom to help bring about real change in communities and build skills that prepare youth for lifelong learning.  This year more students will learn outside the classroom- in parks or trying to solve real-world challenges.

Partnerships that support learning with authentic experiences and bring expertise and resources are making a difference, and bringing about positive change through education.  We’re excited to help our clients explore these growing opportunities for impact this year.