3 Ways to Connect Kids With Causes

Build the next generation of advocates and supporters for your cause by providing opportunities for youth to connect with causes in fun and easy ways. Fall is a great time to reach out to educators as they plan service learning projects, field trips and more for the school year. Spread the word about your upcoming campaigns so kids can join in. Here are three popular ways for kids to learn, take action and do good:

Fundraising: Schools, youth groups, and clubs oftentimes take action by fundraising or collecting donations for a cause. Share examples of fundraising events that kids can organize on their own, like canned food drives or a school talent show.

Virtual Field Trips: Interacting with culture, nature, and art from distant lands is an increasingly popular activity in classrooms. Digital tools such as online simulations, augmented reality (AR), and/or virtual reality (VR) make it easy for kids to travel and learn about your cause through “first hand” experiences.

Social Media: Encourage youth to tweet, chat, post, and share cause-related information with their own social networks. Kids who feel a deep connection to your cause can put their passion to work by helping to spread awareness and inspire action.

Cristina Sandoval