There are many ways to activate a CSR program. But only one way to have lifelong impact.

Companies dedicated to corporate social responsibility have many ways of raising awareness about a cause. A traditional marketing campaign can be launched through advertising, PR and social. Companies can encourage employees to get out of the office for a day of volunteering. Companies can sponsor a community-based event, or simply donate to a favorite cause.

But here’s an extension that gives your CSR cause long-term, generational impact: education. Whether you want to reach students K-8, high schoolers, families or entire communities, by adding an educational component to your current CSR mix, you not only raise additional awareness about your cause, but you’ll help kids and parents learn about your cause, and help people make positive changes that last a lifetime.

Here’s one success story: for over 20 years, we’ve been partners with Colgate-Palmolive, helping them develop their award-winning Bright Smiles, Bright Futures® program. From coast to coast and around the world, many young children simply don’t get the education they need about oral health. Colgate’s program, which activates every February during National Children’s Dental Health Month and is 100% free to teachers, now reaches over 80% of all kindergarten students in the US, and has reached billions of kids around the globe. And because kids learn in many ways, the campaign extends across multiple channels: we’ve created the My Bright Smile mobile app, in-school and at-home videos, original content, classroom materials, and increasing awareness through social media, bloggers and influencers. Thanks to more than 20 years of focusing on education, an entire generation has grown up with brighter smiles.

Bottom line: whatever cause your company is passionate about, by adding education to your lineup of CSR activations you will elevate and extend the shelflife of your entire program. If you’d like to discuss how to add an education component to your CSR program, email Jennifer Stringer, Director of Education.