3 Strategies for Engaging Adult Learners

Research shows that balancing the adult learner’s busy lifestyle and shortening attention span with opportunities for professional development can be a challenge.

A solution lies in making efforts to meet it. Providing access to engaging content and opportunities to learn and practice new skills may not require investing in off-site trainings or a pricey, proprietary LMS. Opportunities for professional growth can meet individuals where they are: at the workplace, on their own schedule, in ways they find interesting.

Here are three strategies we use when developing mission-based programs for our clients:

Use microlearning. Break down big concepts into small, memorable chunks that fit the learner’s lifestyle and attention span. These can be short videos, infographics, case studies, even a single slide. Attach a learning outcome, and keep it brief.

Make it relevant. Focus on supporting the individual as well as the organization. Look for opportunities to integrate development into existing skill sets, and seek out challenges that will elevate these skills. Play on your employee’s strengths as a way of pushing boundaries.

Connect. Provide employees with on-site opportunities to learn and practice new skills. Encourage professional development in the workplace, and keep new learning materials accessible. 

Cristina Sandoval