My Bright Smile

Client: Colgate-Palmolive Company


Launched in February 2015 to coincide with National Children’s Dental Health Month, CarrotNewYork created, developed, and marketed the Colgate My Bright Smile app, extending the 24-year program’s reach from the classroom to the home via mobile.


For 24 years, CarrotNewYork has produced this award-winning program which reaches 82% of U.S. kindergarten students (over 3.4 million kids every year) and children in 80 countries around the world with free oral health education. The program uses a combination of video, storybooks, songs, and experiments to get kids excited about maintaining healthy teeth and gums. The My Bright Smile app is the first mobile extension of this long-running campaign. Perfect for kids 4–6, My Bright Smile features five educational games and a two-minute song that gets kids interacting, learning, and most importantly, brushing! With My Bright Smile, kids learn to brush with fluoride toothpaste after breakfast and before bedtime, floss every day, visit the dentist regularly, and limit the number of times they eat sweet and sticky sweets.


Extends a 24-Year Campaign: Dr. Rabbit has been helping teachers and parents get kids interested in oral health for decades; bringing the campaign to mobile is the natural extension. 

Award Winning App: Marketing and educational experts have given it a Gold MarComm, a Mom’s Choice Award, and a Gold “Best App for Children and Toddlers” in the Best Mobile App Awards. 

Highly-Rated!   Rating: 4 of 4 stars in the iTunes Store

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