The Team

As educators, parents, creative experts, and strategic marketers, the staff at CarrotNewYork brings a diverse and nuanced understanding of:

  • Schools, classrooms, teachers and students
  • Families - their needs and idiosyncrasies
  • The heart of a community
  • The impact of visual and written communication
  • How a brand can best stand out in the marketplace  
  • Janice Hamilton

    Janice Hamilton


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  • Jane Meyer

    Jane Meyer

    Sr. VP, Client Development

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  • Amber Krause

    Amber Krause

    VP, Client Services and Operations

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  • Filiz Soyak

    Filiz Soyak

    VP, Strategy and Education

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  • Ann Brill

    Ann Brill

    VP, Controller

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  • Brian Wheeler

    Brian Wheeler

    Senior Creative Director

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  • Jean Kellett

    Jean Kellett

    Strategic Planning Manager

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  • Carla Berger

    Carla Berger

    Account Supervisor

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  • Keri Smyth

    Keri Smyth

    Digital Marketing and Account Manager

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  • Don Larrabure

    Don Larrabure

    Production Manager

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  • Patty Dwyer

    Patty Dwyer

    Graphic Designer

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  • Erin O'Donnell

    Erin O'Donnell

    Education Manager

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  • Nicole Collins

    Nicole Collins

    Office Administrator

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  • Kelly Lynch

    Kelly Lynch

    Creative Director

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  • Karen Smith

    Karen Smith

    Art Director

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