Be a Hero!

Client: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


To inspire kids, families and communities to prepare for emergencies, CarrotNewYork teamed with FEMA to create Be a Hero!


CarrotNewYork developed an energetic, graphic novel-themed website featuring interactive games, engaging standards-based curriculums, and parenting tips from experts in order to empower kids and families in the face of disaster.

Preparing ahead of time for disasters is similar to writing a will; you know you’re supposed to do it, but it’s a hard thing to tackle. Research has shown that kids are excellent motivators for parents to take action, so this program targets youth in order to reach families.

Be a Hero! takes what can be a scary topic – disasters – and turns it into something approachable through a graphic novel approach. The web-based games invite kids to join the five FEMA Heroes as they identify, prepare for, and survive a variety of challenges, all with the end goal of becoming Disaster Masters. The curriculum, leveled for grades 1 – 12, promotes 21st-century skills and develops students’ creative, investigative and collaborative aptitudes as they become ambassadors of safety. Parents are given the tools they need to get the whole family involved in emergency preparation.

The full program is available at


Launched in September 2013 to coincide with Emergency Preparedness Month

Becomes key speaking platform at national conferences; Be A Hero! became a case study for success in educating kids through digital formats at the Digital Kids EDU Conference

Social media outreach: In the first two months, the program was shared with over 250,000 national and international followers.

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