Our Value as a GSA Contractor

As an SBA Certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) (Certificate #W 238975), JMH Education, DBA CarrotNewYork, is proud to be a leading provider of grassroots, hands-on, education outreach campaigns and programs for schools and communities.

As a GSA Contractor for over 15 years, JMH Education/CarrotNewYork has IDIQ and BPA contracts with agencies including USDA and FDA. We were awarded the American Express® VIP Government Contractor of the year in 2011 and USDA’s Women-Owned Contractor of the Year in 2010.


Our past work with government clients includes: 

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
  • FDIC and Society for Financial Education and Professional Development
  • National Park Service
  • U.S. Army and Ad Council
  • USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
  • USDA Food and Nutrition Service
  • USDA Forest Service and Ad Council
  • US Department of Education
  • U.S. Small Business Administration

Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions

Advertising Services

Contract#: GS-23F-0026N
Advertising Services – SIN 541-1
A full-service agency, CarrotNewYork has perfected strategies for creating, implementing, and marketing educational programs in all media: web, print, video, audio, and interactive. As a result, CarrotNewYork has been recognized as a global leader in the creation and implementation of effective education outreach programs, video/Film Production.

Contract#: GS-23F-0026N
Video/Film Production – SIN 541-1B
From strategic planning through video production, CarrotNewYork works with government agencies to create and customize video programming that satisfies key objectives. Using a variety of formats, including live action, computer animation, full-cell animation, puppet shows, and documentary style, CarrotNewYork provides full-service video production for pre-school through high school classrooms, as well as adult audiences. CarrotNewYork also has the expertise to create videos in multiple languages.

Commercial Art and Graphic Design

Contract#: GS-23F-0026N
Commercial Art and Graphic Design (Small Business Set-Aside) – SIN 541-4F
CarrotNewYork is able to create unique program designs, graphics, and logos that effectively convey your agency’s messages while engaging your target audience. Each design element is specifically created to successfully communicate your messages in a memorable way.

For an example of an effective and engaging consumer outreach program, please view U.S. Small Business Administration Export Business Planning Tool in our portfolio.

Web-Based Marketing Services

Contract#: GS-23F-0026N
Web Based Marketing Services (Small Business Set-Aside) – SIN 541-3
From web strategies to web design to gaming and apps, , CarrotNewYork helps government agencies get maximum results from their Internet capabilities. Because we bring our grassroots marketing and creative solutions to all our electronic marketing projects, we are able to produce truly effective educational web sites. In addition to web development and implementation, CarrotNewYork offers targeted drive-to-site marketing services.

GSA Contracts

Contract#: GS-23F-0026N (SINS 541-1, 541-4B, 541-4F)

NAICS:  611430, 611710,  512110, 541810, 541820, 541430, 541490, 541511, 511130, 541613, 541890, 541990

Contract Period: October 11, 2002 – October 10, 2022.

JMH is registered in the SAM Registration.

Discounts:  Government agencies receive a 10% discount on JMH services. Discounts are reflected in JMH Education/CarrotNewYork Price Lists.

Maximum Order: $1,000,000
Minimum Order: $100.00

Contact Person and Ordering Address:

Michael LeFort
Chief Marketing Officer
75 Broad Street, 33rd Floor, New York, NY 10004
Direct: 646-348-7091
Main:  212-924-2944