Impact Through Education

On a range of issues, we have helped our clients reach billions of people with positive, cause-related education programs.

Working with corporations, non-profits, organizations, and government agencies, our education programs can help teachers launch imaginations. We bring families together around healthy initiatives. We can show communities how to rally around an idea. And remind seniors that we're never too old to learn. 

If your company is passionate about a cause, we can create an education program around your cause and create real impact in the community. It's what we've been doing for over 35 years, and it all starts with education. 

If your company doesn't have a cause, get one. 

In addition to helping individuals make lifelong changes, companies that launch education-based social responsibility programs have other advantages. They enjoy positive visibility in the community. They can motivate their staff to make meaningful contributions outside of work, a big factor in recruiting and retaining top talent. And they demonstrate to consumers that they are a part of the solution on a range of issues. 

Here's another reason to launch a CSR campaign: 85% of consumers are more likely to support a brand that supports a cause, and they are more likely to switch brands based on a company's commitment to social responsibility. If your company is passionate about a cause, CarrotNewYork can put your cause into action.  

How We Do It

At CarrotNewYork, our staff includes educators, marketers, creatives and strategists. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, their audience, their communication objectives and success metrics. We create interactive curriculum and all forms of learning extensions using a discovery-based model, then we launch multi-channel marketing to generate awareness and drive adoption. Finally, we have long relationships with a broad range of partners, from researchers to advisory boards to trusted influencers, to ensure our work educates, stimulates, and creates impact. Since 1980, we've been pushing the boundaries of supplemental education, bringing every client who wants to elevate their cause through an education program a diverse and nuanced understanding of: 

  • Schools, classrooms, teachers and students
  • Families, their needs and idiosyncrasies 
  • How brands can successfully reach the heart of a community
  • The impact of visual and written communication
  • How cause-related educational marketing can drive lifelong, positive change

Capabilities: Learn. Create. Connect. 

  • Core brand value assessment
  • Target market identification
  • Social media
  • Multi-lingual and multicultural understanding
  • Formative research
  • Pilot testing
  • Teacher advisory board review
  • Partnership development with subject matter experts and professional associations 
  • Customized program analytics including distribution report, in-depth feedback & usage metrics  
  • Turnkey programs
  • Education Curriculum development, aligned to national and state standards
  • Research based approach (primarily Social Cognitive Theory)
  • Lesson writing and design
  • Creation of out-of-classroom learning experiences
  • Creation and execution of Interactive Infographics
  • Original Songs (lyrics and music)
  • Brochures, Posters and Books
  • Contests
  • Professional development
  • Website design and development
  • Digital animation
  • Gaming
  • Mobile App development
  • Copywriting and Art Direction
  • Design & Illustration
  • Original Content
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Targeted social, direct and traditional marketing campaigns in all channels
  • Strategic outreach to learners of all ages
  • Community outreach: schools, PTAs, camps, doctors, community centers, libraries, etc.
  • Printing, pre-press, and on-press supervision
  • Strategic Partnership development 
  • Social Media management and updating
  • Public Relations
  • Creative development and execution in all channels
  • Media planning and partnerships
  • Translation services