Client: Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future


Empower high school students with an understanding of the resources, activities, and people involved in getting food from field to plate.


Food system issues and the need to empower young people to become more informed citizens are increasing in interest in education. Yet, it can sometimes be challenging to turn complicated scientific issues, like those surrounding our vast food system, into information that teachers can readily use in the classroom and students will embrace.

The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF) enlisted CarrotNewYork to turn their expertly researched materials into a easily-accessible, student-centered, learner-focused program.

FoodSpan–a free, downloadable curriculum–engages students in current issues in the entire food environment, and encourages them to become advocates for food system change. The lessons, resources, and activities are easy to implement in the classroom and are aligned with national education standards in science, social studies, health, and family and consumer sciences. A unified look and feel was created, along with an infographic to tie the journey through the food system together. Additionally, a successful online marketing campaign targeted educators that were likely to use the program and become FoodSpan advocates.


Outstanding Reviews from Educators- “The content of these lessons is comprehensive, and provides students with a basic background on many facets of a complex food industry. I would definitely teach these lessons."

Rollout exceeded expectations

Drove 18,000 page-views to the new curriculum website during the soft launch in four target states.


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