Think Breakfast! 

Client: New York State Education Department


Research has proven that children who eat a healthy breakfast demonstrate improved cognitive function,  reduced absenteeism, and reduced behavioral issues. Yet, there is a gap between those children who can participate in the School Breakfast Program and those that actually do.  Our challenge -- create a statewide program that encourages eating a healthy breakfast and physical activity to students K-2, 3-5, 6-9 and 9-12, parents, teachers and school nutrition specialists.


Using THINK BREAKFAST! as a theme, CarrotNewYork crafted a multi-channel, peer-to-peer approach.  Students from the Ghetto Film School scripted and helped shoot the videos, posters, student activities and teacher guides brought the message to students and teachers in the classroom, while parent take homes and cookbooks encouraged families to make nutritious and yummy breakfasts at home.  Plus our school-based nutrition expert helped create cafeteria classroom connection guides for school food preparers.


Research showed a statistically significant gain in teachers’ awareness of students’ breakfast knowledge and behavior.  Students not only were able to articulate the key messages but also shared the Think Breakfast! information with their families.

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