Sandy Hook Promise 

Client: Sandy Hook Promise


Protect children from social isolation and gun violence by engaging communities in awareness programs in school, at home and in their communities.


Increasingly school and communities are urged to participate in and support prevention programs. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs can reduce violent behavior and improve relationships amongst students and adults as well as contribute to increased academic performance. Yet, programs that successfully transform school environments and sustain positive change depend upon an in-depth understanding of both student behavior and educator needs.

Utilizing our expertise in these areas, CarrotNewYork collaborated with Sandy Hook Promise on numerous guides and activities for their Start With Hello and Say Something Programs to teach youth how to reach out, be more inclusive as well as proactive. 

In addition to in-class guides, parents brochures and sustainability plans, CNY created activities like “No One Eats Alone Day,” and “Random Acts of Kindness Day,” to enable students to be more caring and compassionate as well as activations like the “Say Something Group Photos” on social media to further empower students to raise awareness amongst their peers.


Reached 600 Schools Nationwide

Over 500,000 children and youth (and growing) have taken part in activities that taught and promoted inclusive practices.

Rave Reviews from School Counselors

Social skills counselors praised the program for giving them the tools to create school environments that nurture positive relationships and connectedness.

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