Serving Up My Plate

Client: USDA Food & Nutrition Service


Create standards-based nutrition curriculum promoting MyPlate, and ensure widespread use in classrooms.


To promote healthy eating and physical activity, CarrotNewYork created Serving Up MyPlate. This “yummy” curriculum covers three different grade levels and incorporates songs, a poster, games and interactive learning in an array of subjects (math, language arts, health and science.) There’s even a booklet for parents to help make their job of feeding the family a bit easier… and healthier.

How do you get kids excited about eating healthy? Serve up nutrition education in three courses – a “first taste” that piques students’ curiosity about the topic, a chance to “dig in” and elaborate on what they have learned, and reflection exercises that allow them to “digest it all.” Each course offers exciting, hands-on learning opportunities that allow students to drive the inquiry while developing 21st-century skills.

From role-playing to experiments, creative writing to music and movement, kids love the lessons and become motivated to make better choices in the cafeteria, at the grocery store and at home. Teachers love Serving Up MyPlate because it offers an engaging way for their students to meet state and federal education standards in English language arts, math, science and health. And parents? They’re thrilled for the resources that help them help their children.


The curriculum reaches every elementary school in the U.S. that participates in the school lunch program. Approximately 99% of all schools, grades K-12, participate in this program. 


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