Community Financial Literacy

Client: TD Bank


The Objective

Increase financial literacy of Millennial and GenZ audiences in communities across the US, through community workshops.

The Project

CNY’s strategic approach to developing the most engaging, targeted materials included:

Research and Discovery

  • Consultation focused on identifying the core target audience

  • Landscape review of comparable resources in the market, to identify key client strengths and differentiation points

  • Development of audience profiles and user personas, to guide the development materials

  • Summary of key trends and findings

Strategic Recommendations

  • Emphasize TD as a community of dedicated professionals available to answer questions, share up to date advice, and guide critical decisions throughout the workshops

  • Leverage audience learning preferences such as conversational tone, integrating actionable resources, including opportunities to discover and collaborate using tech and clear next steps

  • Develop an easy to navigate and replicate, framework for all community engagement workshops

Content Development

Community engagement workshop materials aligned with TD Bank’s expertise and community commitment: Home Buying, Credit Awareness, and Identity Protection


The community financial literacy materials are currently being presented in communities across the USA.