Smokey Bear & Friends

Client: USDA Forest Service, National Association of State Foresters, and Ad Council


Reintroduce the iconic Smokey Bear and his messages to a whole new generation of school children.


CarrotNewYork created Smokey Bear & Friends, a standards-based classroom program that celebrates Smokey and the cohabitants of his forest through lessons, a build-your-own storybook, and a mini stage with puppets.

Wildfires are a national threat — and most are caused by human behavior. While many American adults grew up with Smokey Bear, children of today are not familiar with him and his important mission of wildfire prevention.

Smokey Bear & Friends aligns with national education standards for Social Studies, Science, and English Language Arts to teach children how they can prevent wildfires. Children put on puppet shows and engage with the story of this famous bear, and then share Smokey with their parents through a take-home mini storybook. All of these activities reinforce the important message that everyone needs a home where he or she can feel safe from the threat of wildfire.


Launched in 2011, the program has reached over 10,000 educators and nearly 500,000 students and families.


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